Meme Generator Clone Script

Features 1.) Create a meme super easy from any page. 2.) Live preview on Create a new Meme page. 3.) No need for accounts. 4.) Easily edit and add languages! 5.) Public voting system for memes and characters. 6.) Direct and Page links for meme images. 7.) Download meme button. 8.) Facebook Like, Tweet, Google +1 and Pinterest Pin-it buttons on every Meme page. 9.) Built for high traffic websites! (Currently running on my install, receiving over 150,000 impressions a day) 10.) Tons of places for advertisiments! 11.) Admin panel 12.) Now easier than ever to install! Requirements Any basic server with GD installed. Support 6 months free support with purchase. Upgrades 6 months free upgrades with purchase.

What I Really Do Generator Script

Awesome “What I Really Do” image generator script! Jump on this HUGE viral image trend and let everyone make “What I Really Do” images from your site!